What To Expect...

The typical Yoga Hike will include hiking, a 1 - 1.5 hour Yoga Asana Class, and lessons on Yoga Philosophy which we will encourage you to incorporate in your hike.The exact itinerary, time and difficulty level of each hike will vary based on location. We intend to schedule special multi-day trips a few times a year for those interested in backpacking adventures. As an added bonus Sheila Dugopolski is a Professional Photographer and will be taking photos throughout the hike. If you are interested in the photos to use on social media or other use they are available to buy after they are posted. Contact Sheila: info@sheiladugopolski.com or www.sheiladugopolski.com

yoga hikes STL brings like-minded souls together to connect with nature while deepening our understanding of ourselves. 


Begin your Yoga Hike experience with a lesson on the yoga tradition that you'll then be encouraged to reflect on and integrate into your hike and Yoga Asana practice. 


On your hike, take in the overwhelming beauty of remnant prairies, caves, old growth forests and woodlands. Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature; the gentle wind through the trees, the birds, the trickle of one of Missouri's nearby creeks or springs. You'll be encouraged to literally smell the roses and feel the earth under your feet.


While each itinerary is slightly different, at the most opportune time you'll take part in a Yoga Asana practice that converges the Ancient Eastern traditions, and the modern Western perspectives. Expect to enjoy a class that is physically stimulating while being safe, and restorative and still being coherent with the wisdom that has come down through the ages. 


yoga hikes STL brings yoga into the woods of St. Louis area so that you can connect to nature and something deeper within yourself. We are looking forward to sharing this transformative, inspiring experience with you.


Wondering what to bring? Check out our general gear list and see your specific itinerary for details.