Whether I am WANDERING my own City Blocks, WANDERING a Forrested Trail or WANDERING Mountains. I have found that I feel the most alive when I have my camera strapped to my shoulder and am outside in nature. The Wanderers are a hiking group of friends that decided to do the things that we always DREAMED and to make that DREAM a reality. Our group Sheila Dugopolski (Photographer and Yoga Teacher) Nicole Dudas (Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher), Susie Berry (Computer Guru). started out with 3 women that had a deep desire to be out in Nature and Travel.  We loved our adventures so much that we decided to share our adventures with the community and we have met some amazing men and women from around the world. I don't know how often I have people say how they wish they could do the same things I do. They have every excuse for why they can't get out of the Life trap they are in and are completely oblivious to the fact that they created the trap themselves.

Did you know that if you get good at watching flights through major airlines and have some flexibility.  You can fly from STL to Orlando for $70 a flight... to Denver for $20-$40...Phoenix for $90? You can use "Airfare Watchdog" - it will alert you to great deals to locations you are interested in. These are just some of the deals my friends and I have been able to find. There are so many other options.

Instead of flying.. drive somewhere--you can use an app called roadtrippers to find great spots nearby. Find travel buddies and split the gas! 

Websites like couch surfing exist so you can stay with a local for free... or if you get comfortable with even less you can simply hike and camp everywhere.

You can see the most beautiful things that the world has to offer and it can be extremely inexpensive.

Maybe travel is not your dream. Maybe your dream is something else. Where do you find happiness? Whatever that is do more of that and turn the I wishes into a reality.

Of coarse I understand that most people have jobs and lifestyles that don't allow them the opportunity to travel on a regular basis. But my point is do yourself a favor the next time you have a dream let yourself make it a reality. You will be happier person because of it.

This is your LIFE... GO LIVE

Tips: Lose the need to wear makeup and do your hair. Get comfortable wearing dirty clothes. Learn how to pee in the woods like a champ. Don't be afraid to meet new people (STRANGERS!). Realize that people are nice and love to help, give advice, and point you in the right direction so be open to conversation wherever you go. Be happy with less and find true happiness within it!


If any of this resonates with you and you'd like to join in our adventures check out our hiking events or join our closed Facebook group "Wanderers".