yoga hikes STL


If you are looking for something to do outdoors and want to explore more of the St Louis Area. Yoga Hikes STL will bring Yoga into the woods of St Louis. Where you can take peace in the fresh air and the bluff views will inspire you to find the best in yourself...


Yoga Hikes will be led by Certified Yoga Instructors and Hiking Guides.


Scheduled events are from April - November. Private Groups can be organized with up to 15 people Call 314-732-2211 for more information.


Hiking is designed to be a cardio workout and we will be keeping an active pace. ( If you are coming off of an injury we recommend that you are at 100% for the hiking portion of the Yoga Hikes. Having injuries that will inhibit your stability, balance or ability to keep pace will not make for a positive experience for you or your group.)

Sheila is a Professional  Photographer and she will be documenting the Yoga Hikes through Photographs and Video. The photos will be available to buy and also be used for Commercial and Advertising purposes.  If for any reason you do not want your photo taken let Sheila know before the event.


If the Hiking part is SOLD OUT or if you think hiking is to extensive for you, all hope is not lost. There are times when we will offer Yoga at the beginning or end of the Event. We would love for you to join. The cost for CLASS ONLY is $15.00 a person. Check each event for details and to make sure you are signing up for the right one.


*Yoga Hikes STL does not offer refunds. The Yoga Hike will run in various weather conditions, including rain. In the event of lightening or extreme heat or cold the Yoga Hike will be canceled and your account will be credited for one hike.  No refunds are given, but your credit is valid for one year.